All Things Seattle Sounders

We Got Pinoed!

Megan Rapinoe has signed with the Sounders Women for this season. Her appearances will be limited to four or five home games and one away game due to prior commitments. I am not complaining. I am giddy with excitement. In my humble opinion there is no one more exciting and game changing than Megan. She has the most accurate passes, from the most unpredictable places on the field. She drops back on defense, but has the speed to open the game up from the left. She knows where Sydney and Alex like it served, and has the vision to see the game develop. This University of Portland scoring machine is so much fun to watch. If you have a girl’s team that needs to be inspired… get them out to these games. This team may be a one season deal, and the stars have aligned for the Sounders Women.
We also managed to sign Veronica Perez. This former UW Husky forward is aggressive and fun to watch. She plays on the Mexican National team. I had the pleasure to watch her this winter in Vancouver. This team is shaping up on paper to storm the division. Let’s hope they gel well and get butts in the seats.
The single game tickets are on sale now. I understand that they are selling fast. You can avoid Ticket Master and purchase them here.

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