All Things Seattle Sounders

The sun is out, the day is warm, and I really would rather not be dwelling on a loss that won’t mean anything later in the season. We looked tired. Actually, I think we looked tired in the game against Dallas, but good things tend to happen when Fredy Montero comes in off the bench. I liked Sigi’s player choices. I loved seeing Cordell Cato get in there and show off his speed. Man! This team is so deep!  I am impressed with Alex Caskey and his decision making.  Andy Rose is certainly not afraid to mix it up.  It’s fun to watch these young guys get out there and make a difference.  I would have put Servando Carrasco in for Brad Evans sooner, but we were ahead so it worked out.

Bryan Meredith continues to shine in his moment.  His positioning is right on, and his hands are strong and capable.  His distribution is top notch.  In fact, I wonder if anyone else on our team can do that.  Michael Gspurning is the MAN, but I would be okay with Meredith any time.  The goal that was scored on him by Real Salt Lake, was on his defenders, not on him (in my opinion).  I don’t feel like Gspurning is going to rush back, in order to save our season.  He has the luxury of having an excellent number two, which allows him the time to heal completely before stepping back on the pitch.  This will be a long season, with the Sounders being in three competitions again, but we are looking fantastic!

Every team is going to have a down game, but even our down game, we only allowed one goal.  Our other down game (Wednesday’s game against FC Dallas), we managed to win.  So, hey, I’m not complaining.  I don’t feel the need to tear down and examine every little thing.  The Sounders are looking good.  We have a little bit of a rest before our next game against the Vancouver Whitecaps on the 19th.  It’s not much of a journey to get there, which should also help.  We will succeed in Canada, because that’s the Sounder way.

Since you already have your passport out to go cheer on the boys, why don’t you make plans to go up and cheer on our Sounders Women?  The Women will be facing the favored Vancouver Whitecaps Ladies.  Their game will actually be played in Coquitlam at Percy Perry Stadium, on Sunday, May 27th at 4:00.  You can order tickets through the Whitecaps here.  The Whitecaps have seven national team players, which would certainly make them the favorites in this game.  Our National Team players will be off in Chester, PA taking on the Chinese on the same day.  This is the biggest challenge yet for our Sounders Women.  They could certainly use your support.  The Jet City Auxiliary forum is putting together rides, and info here.  If you don’t belong to this group, consider joining.

That’s it, I’m finished for the night.  Go Sounders!



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