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What Brings You?

English: Photograph of Starfire Stadium field,...

English: Photograph of Starfire Stadium field, Starfire Sports Complex, Fort Dent Park, Tukwila, Washington, USA taken from grandstand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am curious about what makes you purchase tickets, fight the traffic, spend your expendable money on Sounders Women games? Is it the excellent product that is out on the field this season? Did the national’s bring you, but the core of the team keep you coming back? Is it the close confines of Starfire? Is it the fact that you have kids, and you want your kids to see that dreams are reachable? Is it just your passion for all things Sounders?

Are you a season ticket holder, or do you purchase tickets the day of the game?  Do you plan on purchasing tickets for next season?  If you could change something about Starfire, what would it be?  If the Women played elsewhere, would you still go?  Perhaps a college stadium more centrally located in Seattle?

I would like to know what brings you. Leave a comment or tweet me.

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Comments on: "What Brings You?" (19)

  1. It’s not all things Sounders, it’s all things soccer. We’ll go see soccer at pretty much any level or gender, as long as it’s in reasonable driving distance and doesn’t conflict with any of our own games.
    Tangent: I’m kind of worried about a Sounders Women backlash now that the USWT players are out of the picture for awhile. I’m not sure that the majority of the folks currently going to the games know that, and might turn a tiny bit bitter after shelling out $18 for games that don’t feature America’s sweethearts.

  2. RobertC3 said:

    Women Playing at the Highest Level. For us it was the chance to show our daughter some really high level women’s soccer, the best quality we can show her in person. My wife and I make it a top priority to show both of our kids that women can play sports at a very competitive level, so we get to UW women’s volleyball, softball and soccer regularly. Sounders is an extension of that.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Most of my family play soccer, Starfire is like a second home almost. I have only attended one Women’s game so far but it was fun! Since Starfire is so close I have thought of going to more games, but the thing that makes me slightly reluctant besides the lack of tickets sometimes available, is the access to get out of Starfire. When it was built they should have created at least two entrance/exits to get out of there.

  4. I had season tickets to the Sounders men for the first 2 seasons; this year, I skipped them and got season tickets to the Sounders women. Best decision ever.

    True, the trek out to and back from Starfire from downtown is a huge pain that consumes the better part of 90 minutes in and of itself, but the time is worth it. The factors are pretty simple and obvious. Tickets are a fraction of the price. You can stand 2 meters from the pitch (in the beergarden). Most of the fans you encounter are actually there to watch and talk futbol with a critical eye. You can personally go up and have a chat with the players after each match if you like. Core players (Smitty and Winters forever!) show a patient consistency of play that is a wonder to behold. And, of course, seeing national heroes in the flesh (when they are there) is a star-striking experience.

  5. Sevenless said:

    A bit of everything for us

    Good atmosphere, a great way to support and help grow the women’s game, quality soccer, a chance to see national team players for reasonable prices, and it’s a lot easier to bring our two year-old to these games than it is to take her to the Clink. Plus she really likes dancing to the JCA chants.

    Our “discovery” of the Sounders Women was really a coincidental confluence of events that started during the US/Brazil quarterfinal match at the Women’s World Cup last summer, which really heightened our awareness of the quality of the women’s game and made us seek out more. By then the W-League regular season was over, but we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the league championships were going to be in Seattle in just a few weeks. With dirt cheap tickets and local ownership all-but-saying that turnout would be a referendum on the feasibility of bringing pro women’s soccer to the Seattle area, it was a must-attend. Unfortunately, the championship game had maybe 500 people in the stands, but those people witnessed a great high-scoring match with a big upset.

    We decided then that we’d try to attend a few games this year, and “a few games” turned into season tickets after the WPS collapsed and USWNT players were being linked to the team. Even without those players the games have been great, even if no one could connect a pass in the offensive third on Friday to save their lives :)

  6. cghanson said:

    I was at the Clink with my 4 year old daughter watching the Sounders…
    when she asked “why do we only watch boys play.” I think it was the Santos game. Soon after, the Sounders women started signing the national team players. We got a 5 game pack. She already enjoys playing soccer. And I wanted to show her women can compete at a high level and for her to have role models to look up to.

    It’s also really cool to see players like Solo and Morgan and all the nationals up close.

  7. Endlessrevolt said:

    I try to make it out to every game I can. Starfire games are the best. Women’s soccer tends to highlight technical play in a way that MLS often does not*. The gameday experience is very different. Not better or worse, just different. More positive, less angry.

    I started going to games this year. Probably partly because of the national talent, but I like to think just enjoying the WC last year so much was where the notion that I should be at these games started.

    *That’s not to imply that there isn’t a large skill gap between the paid, professional Sounders and the unpaid, amateur Sounders Women. However, you see much less in the way of hard tackles and physical play that MLS is known for, so things like passing rhythm, formation, and footwork is given more room to shine.

  8. The King of Norway said:

    For me, it’s a combination of things.

    1. I love the US Women’s National Team. I became a fan of watching soccer (and not just playing it) through watching the 1999 World Cup.

    2. I have a young daughter and want her to have role models to look up to.

    3. I love the Starfire experience. We never miss a Reserves game.

    That all said, it’s been hard convincing the wife and daughter that the Sounders Women are as compelling as I find them. So we’ve only been to one game. I’d love to see more.

  9. Anonymous said:

    I’m a supporter, that’s what we do, we live, sleep, bleed, and die our for our club.

  10. I have season tickets (both Sounder’s men and women) and love to bring my granddaughter to the games. I LOVE games at Starfire but don’t like the drive from north Seattle during heavy traffic times. I just have to plan well and be patient! I get very excited when the national team players are playing but know that all Sounder’s women are talented. I plan to buy season tickets to both men’s and women’s games in the future. Go Sounders!

    • I applaud your efforts to support our teams, and to expose your granddaughter to such high quality entertainment. Thank you very much for your answer. In these tight economical times, I respect your choice to support both teams by purchasing season tickets. Glad to know I’m not the only dual Sounder season ticket holder. If I lived closer, I would be going to the U-23 games as well. The two hour drive both ways is killer though.

    • Good enough reason. She certainly changes the game when she’s in… and she is a little piece of eye candy as well, if that’s the direction you’re were going. lol Thanks for answering honestly.

  11. Anonymous said:

    National team got me interested. All the players are good though, and it’s an affordable ticket. Plus, Starfire is a good venue.

  12. I go because I support the Sounders. I enjoy Sounders Souccer/Football nomater who is playing From the U-16’s to the Womens team to the Men’s team.

  13. Soundersteve said:

    No doubt, professional soccer is starting to have its day here in the states, as seen with the growing popularity of the MLS. And women’s soccer – rightly – is also finding a new audience here, especially with the success of the women’s national team in last year’s World Cup and their bright prospects in the upcoming Olympics.
    As I observed in the World Cup, women’s play is a bit different than men’s, and while they’re equally competitive perhaps they are not quite as aggressive and let more of the emphasis be on skill rather than brawn.
    Personally, I’m a fairly new convert to the sport, and a 2nd year season ticket holder to the Sounders men. But I’m thrilled to see the pro women’s league in this area and have attended several of the Sounders women home games, as well as live-streamed the away games.
    And sure, like many I was first attracted because of the national team players, but seeing the team play I realize many of the other members are world class in their own right. They’re a lot of fun to watch.
    Our female high school and collegiate hopefuls ought to have the same professional opportunities as the men, so I’ll continue to support pro women’s soccer — and especially our own local team!

  14. Anonymous said:

    We go to all things Sounder but I especially love having such a great women’s team.. The ladies are such role models for all the little girls. My own daughter played all the way into college, I got used to going to the games and just can’t stop. It has been a real thrill to see the Olympic team members for sure.
    I think the girls teams are more focused, very fast paced, I feel this is a team to watch even without the US girls. We have season tickets. It would be nice if they played closer to Seattle. Starfire is a much nicer place to be since they have turned the music down.

  15. Anonymous said:

    We go to the Sounders Women games because I have played soccer for years. I’m in my 70’s now, and blew my knee out a couple years ago, so I can’t play anymore. I love the game though, and bring my grandkids to the games. It gives me something to talk to them about. My husband and I have season tickets.


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