All Things Seattle Sounders

In a game that the Sounders Women dominated, they just couldn’t find the back of the net. They lost to the Rapids by a score of 1-Nil. Lexi Tagen shot a rocket to the upper V just beating Hultin in the 17th minute, against the run of play. The Sounders countered many times, and time after time shot just wide, just over, or against the crossbar. No luck today on the finish.  They played positive ball though, and never gave up.  With a flurry of shots on goal they didn’t quit until the darn whistle blew.

It began with Megan Manthey 1 v 1 against their keeper in the 7th minute.  The shot went just wide.  In the 12th minute Keelin Winters had her clock cleaned by the keeper, and Perez tried to capitalize to no avail.  In the 27th minute, the Sounders earned two quick corners, which were taken short, and shot wide.  In the 35th minute Megan Manthey again shot on goal and again it went inches wide left.

In the 42nd minute, Julia Roberts smacked a ball to Lyndsey Patterson for the header which grazed the far post. In added time Annie Sittauer went far post to Keelin Winters, but it was saved by the Rapids keeper.

The second half was no less frustrating.  There were flying crosses and corners galore for the Sounders, but the force was strong in the Rapids net.

We’ll try again tomorrow.  Mucho credit goes to Mr. Bonnell for tweeting the game.

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