All Things Seattle Sounders

About SounderMom…

I am a former collegiate soccer player.  Although, when I played, Keepers were Goalies and Strikers were Wings.  The game is the same, the passion is definitely the same, but the body is older.  I am a Mom, trying to impress upon my young teenaged daughter that this is NOT “just a game.”  I have played the beautiful game for the majority of my life, even before soccer was cool.  My high school didn’t even offer soccer as a sport.  I had to play on “club” teams for nearby towns.  Being a keeper, I was usually always busy.  Some seasons, I was even allowed to play on the boys’ teams.

I am a sports fan, through and through.  I even have a Mom cave, painted in Sounders blue and green, with Fathead graphics for the Seahawks and Sounders adorning the walls.  The TV is big, and the door gets closed on away game days, so that my ranting doesn’t bother the rest of the family.  My “Sounder-Hawk” room also holds my various treasures from the games, signed scarves, 12th man flags, autographed balls, etc.

At work, my fellow season ticket holder and I talk over the game in great detail.  We constantly try to recruit new fans for the Sounders.  I decided to start a blog, to cover some of the same ground that we discuss.  Not just because I love the game, but also because sometimes a female perspective is refreshing.  I don’t always know the proper way to break down a game, but my ideas are just as valid as the blogger next door.


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